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Test-Driven Laravel

A comprehensive step-by-step video course on designing robust Laravel applications with TDD.

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Most examples make testing look pretty easy.

When I was first learning how to test, every example I could find made it seem fairly straightforward.

"Assert 5+5 equals 10? Sure, piece of cake!"

But as soon as I tried to test a real application, I was paralyzed.

"What's the very first test I'm supposed to write for this brand new app?"

"How do I test that this email gets sent?"

"What about this code that needs to talk to the Stripe API?"

Simple examples are fine for learning the basics, but I wanted to know how to apply this stuff to real products that I was actually building on the job.

I’ve spent the last 5 years figuring out how to build web applications with TDD; piecing things together from every resource I could get my hands on.

Test-Driven Laravel is the course I wish I'd had.

Ever since Adam helped tweak my approach to testing a bit, I really enjoy writing them a lot more.

Taylor Otwell, creator of Laravel

What you'll learn

The biggest objective of this course is to teach you how to TDD something real; not just another cookie-cutter to-do app.

We cover fundamentals like:

  • What test should you write first
  • Organizing your test suite
  • Feature tests vs. unit tests
  • Testing validation rules
  • Testing events and background jobs
  • Working with test databases
  • Speeding up your tests with test doubles

...as well as hard topics, like:

  • Testing code that interacts with third-party services
  • Writing your own test doubles from scratch
  • Testing automated payouts with Stripe Connect
  • Testing the sending of mass emails
  • How to test race conditions
  • Testing file uploads and server side image processing

Test-Driven Laravel teaches you how to design a solid test suite for a real-world, marketable product that you could actually charge money for.

The Course Outline

Together we'll build TicketBeast, a platform for local concert promoters to sell tickets to their events.

Over the course of 166 lessons spanning just under 22 hours of content, we'll implement features like:

  • Purchasing tickets via Stripe Checkout
  • Creating and publishing new concert listings
  • Sending bulk emails to ticket holders
  • Generating unique order confirmation numbers and ticket codes
  • Uploading poster images and optimizing them on the server
  • Inviting new users via the console
  • Allowing promoters to connect their Stripe accounts via OAuth 2.0
  • Splitting payments with Stripe Connect

It’s huge, but it’s the most comprehensive TDD resource I’ve ever seen.

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This course has had a huge impact on my career. It’s easily worth 10x what I paid for it.

Glenn Kimble

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Definitely sign up for Adam’s course. Highly recommended.

Jeffrey Way, creator of Laracasts

Frequently Asked Questions

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All of the videos are hosted inside of a custom platform I put together just for this course.

Instead of downloading 10 gigs of content, you just login to the course area with your GitHub account and you’ll have access to everything right away.

Every video is available both to stream and to download. You don’t need to fill up your hard drive if you don’t want to, but you can also download lessons for offline viewing whenever you like!

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About Me

Hey! I'm @adamwathan, author of Refactoring to Collections, host of Full Stack Radio, and creator of Nitpick CI.

I teach everything I know on my blog, through screencasts, and at conferences around the world.

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